Super Chat, chat of the new YouTube

Super Chat, chat of the new YouTube

YouTube, Google's video service, is undoubtedly the most used video application worldwide, both through its website and through its application. Recently, its application, has been updated with an update that integrates a striking novelty. In fact, YouTube integrates an internal exclusive chat application, with the aim of making it easier to share and display of videos while you converse.

The possibilities offered by the new function

Until now, if you wanted to share a video in any chat, you had no other solution than to launch the application and copy the link, and then return to the conversation, and paste it. A method that is inconvenient for our friends, by clicking on the link it will open the application YouTube, leaving the chat in the background.

From today, however, YouTube offers us its own chat that will talk to all our Google contacts directly from within YouTube itself, ie, without ceasing to display any video, we will be able to chat with our friends. It ended the era of copy paste.

Like any instant messaging service, it also supports this chat groups, although it is not yet clear the maximum limit of people. Its most important feature, however, is the downsizing of its interface when you click on any of its links, situating in the bottom of the screen and our conversation is minimized over the video being played.

Integration of Super Chat

From the point of view of YouTubers, is has integrated a new way to earn money with the videos, it's Super Chat, a feature that, until now, we had seen on other applications but never on YouTube. Thanks to this innovation, users can highlight their comments on the live video. We know: probably for many users it will be a function that they will never use, or which many will simply continue to ignore its existence; But for the fans of some YouTubers in particular it could be a more than interesting feature.

One of the main applications that integrates this function is Twitch, the most famous application for video game streaming. In the function, Twitch is called Twitch Cheers and serves to give greater emphasis to the comments for a fee, although in this other application we can also do it for free - so if we accumulate bits is as it is called streaming application virtual currency - obtained for free.

By using the function we can determine the amount of money we want to offer to YouTubers and, depending on that, the message will remain more or less time in a detached manner with respect to the comments of other users.

The function, after a first test phase, in which was only used by a few test users, starting this month is available for YouTuber in 20 different countries, while it is available to users of 40 countries, double the amount . As always, YouTube applies new restrictions on payments, but not to the receipts, like many of the functions that has in its platform for creation and diffusion of video.

We do not know what percentage the creator of the content receives, although the most likely thing is around 60% or so. Obviously the Super Chat is something that will bring benefit to the largest content creators, who are the ones who can afford this function, not because YouTube is limiting the function but because a small YouTuber has too little of an audience.

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