The “Branded Content” function on Instagram: here's how it works

The “Branded Content” function on Instagram: here's how it works

Innovations on Instagram never end, let's take a look at the new branded contents, which are included by the users that receive a reward, a discount or a gift from the mentioned brands; it's a very popular practice overseas that is catching on in your country as well, especially among influencers.

All you have to do is visiting the account of the brand you chose, then go in the “Settings” inside the menu and choose the entry “branded contents approval”.

At this point you should be very careful, because you have to decide what type of tag you want to focus on, therefore wheter it'll be free or not. We're talking about a commercial tag, which is why you should keep in mind this detail; once you chose to approve you'll have to enter the account you are going to use.

This whole thing may sound too complicated, but we assure you that in a couple of steps you'll be ready to use this new function and, at the same time, you'll be able to set it in the best possible way. However, bear in mind that the brand you choose will keep checking your posts in order to protect their brand from inappropriate users, namely those who include tags and images that don't represent the company and can even damage it in the eyes of the general public.


You will be able to monitor the data regarding this new function

Well, the good news keep coming. The phase of operation is basically done, so you probably understand how easy the whole process is, but usually those who work on Instagram want to keep everything under control, analyzing his activity on the social network.

The tag is essential, but after that you have the opportunity to check the real-time statistics regarding the content you just posted, thus being able to monitor any possible development and, in the same way, the brand will be able to evaluate the effects.

Using the insights you can take all the interactions into consideration, starting, for example, from impressions to engagement value. This is a major change that you can use to improve your presence on one of the most popular social network of recent years.

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