How to show content to your fans only after they hit like on the page?

How to show content to your fans only after they hit like on the page?

Many people ask themselves how to create this type of procedure, which consists in showing specific content of one's page to a limited audience, those who decided to become fans of that same page.

Creating particular restrictions such as this one may result in some benefits, in one sense, but it could also backfire, which is why you should consider if this is the choice you want to make and whether it's going to create any issue with your business or any idea you want to introduce.

All you have to do is use a special tag, <fb:visible-to-connection> which implies that all of the elements in this expression will be visible only to your fans. This means that those who didn't leave a Like on your page won't be able to see them.


What's the precise string to enter?


<fb:fbml version="1.1">
      <fb:visible-to-connection>This text can be seen only by fans</fb:visible-to-connection>



Where do I write this tag in my page?

At this point, you're probably wondering if you need to be an expert coder in order to use this function. Luckily, we're not talking about complex operations, but it's important to understand where and how to work to achieve the desired result.

First of all, you need to go in the section dedicated to the Static FBML, then you'll have to add it to your page and follow the instructions provided. This will be enough to create a perfect product, but you have to keep in mind that you need to make a tab that will serve as a landing page. This step is easy and quick enough, here's how to do it:


  • Beginning by going on the wall of your page;
  • At this point, you have to click on the settings section;
  • You'll find an option called Default landing tab for everyone else and that's what we were searching for. In fact, now you just have to open the menu, choose the tab that you created and that's it!


A landing page is essential, it plays the role of recalling the string you entered in the initial phase, so pay attention to this step.


There are many that complain about the procedure not working. Why is that?

Well, you just have to stop and think for a moment. Given that the string is correct, if the Facebook page is yours and you are the admin, you'll continue to see everything as it was before. The reason is that you chose to restrict some contents from those who don't like your page, not to the owner!

You can test the procedure by asking to a friend or a relative, this way you'll be sure that everything works well. Still, we suggest to think this through; a restriction might have a negative effect on those who, out of curiosity, decided to take a look at your activity. Also, pay attention to what Facebook does, as it could change this option at will or block it in the future.


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