How to view private Facebook profiles

How to view private Facebook profiles

Many users think that social networks are a great way to keep up with things and to interact with friends and family. But there's more, in the long term you might experience a strange spark, the overwhelming urge to spy on private profiles.

“ Don't deny it, I know that it happened to you at least once! ”

Don't worry, it's a completely normal behaviour, Facebook stimulates the curiosity of us all, but you shouldn't get carried away, otherwise it might become an illness; however, we tried to give an answer, a proper solution that allows you, as well as many other users, to find out what lies behind private profiles.

Facebook keeps changing its skin!

Everything was much simpler in the past, but year after year, Facebook has increasingly improved the privacy of its users, enabling them to choose whether to show the content or not in a completely independent way based on individual preferences.

Notice how, when you try to share a status, or a picture, the system will allow you to choose who can see it, of course, setting "Only Me" will narrow the field of visibility to the maximum.

Even though there's no solution to view pictures with privacy settings at this extreme level, you can analyze, using external softwares, all of those photographs that were hidden in the years, and which had once been published with a very low privacy level, that is, with visibility open to the public.

“ But I can do this myself! ”

That's true, but you would waste a lot of precious time. Using an external software and/or plugin, you'll avoid useless efforts and you'll be able to check the profiles that intrigue you the most.

The solutions:

  • Secret Revealer for Facebook: this is the first thing that comes to mind,we always liked it because it's completely free, which is a major factor. Also, in order to use it, you just need to have the brower Mozilla Firefox installed on your PC. As you may have guessed, we're talking about a plugin, very intuitive, that only needs to be downloaded from here and installed. Obviously, in order to use it properly, we recommend taking a lookat the product page, so that you can grasp its basics and go on to accomplish your mission!

  • Stalkscan: if you don't like add-ons, just know that there are plenty of different solutions. One of these is a web software that works in a similar way, except it offers an interface that, unlike the previous one, is definitely more complete and easy to use. If you visit the website, you'll notice may other categories, which means that, when you submit the link to the targeted profile, the service will run a scan that will allow you to see, later on, all the visible informations, as well as pictures and other elements open to the pubblic, both from recent days and previous years.

Why am I being asked for the ID code to spy on Facebook profiles?

Don't panic, it's just a routine procedure, it's all regular. At this point, though, the only issue might be obtaining the ID of the user you want to check on, but yet again we have the best solution for you!

Our advice:

  • Visible ID: watch carefully the link of the targeted profile, if you find first and last name at the end of it, “ matt.smith ” or “ mattsmith ” for example, your research it's done. The ID you're looking for it's just that, you can copy and paste it where needed in one of the software we recommended and you'll be good to go!

  • Invisible or Numeric ID: this might be much more complex than the previous type. Luckily, there's an Italian service, simple, fast and free, where you just need submit the original link of the targeted profile. Try it yourself, you can find it here, we recommend it because it's been one of the most reliable services we've used to this day.

“ Sometimes, curiosity makes us commit mistakese, therefore use our advice carefully! ”

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