Find the right keywords for your YouTube videos in a few steps

Find the right keywords for your YouTube videos in a few steps

Visibility on Youtube today is fundamental: after all we’re talking about one of the most popular social media ever, where you can find tons of videos, some of which became viral over the years, starting a mass phenomenon.

Those who don’t have much experience may not know that a captivating title, an engaging description, and the choice of targeted tags can make a difference, allowing you to become more visible over time; This is a very precise strategy that we decided to explain to you with this article, in a simple and fast way.

TAGs are a real turning point!

Tags play a major role in both YouTube and Google search: your goal is to be noticed, so that you'll eventually be able come out on the related results as well, those that the platform recommends to the user based on his/her actual interests.

You should remember that YouTube uses a particular and constantly evolving algorithm, which is why it’s important to study it, so that you can carefully consider whether your strategy has potential and is really effective; in any case, we recommend using tags that can be taken from both the title and the description.

Let's say the title of our video is '' How to find the right keywords for YouTube videos ''

The right tags in this case would be: keywords, YouTube videos, find keywords, and so on. You'll have to create your own perfect combination using what you’ve got available and I assure you that with time you’ll do great things.

Is it always just a matter of TAGs?

The answer is yes and no: it doesn’t depend just on that, but it is true that at this precise moment we can work only on them, and by doing so obtain the best results over time; It's always a matter of strategy, and if you think about it you’ll get it in no time.

Talking about TAGs, the advice is to first exploit the more specific ones, then to work on the more generic ones; in order to succeed we need to use creativity, but also external instruments which will certainly provide us with a number of truly amazing results.

A solution can be Ubersuggest, as well as Adwords’ Keyword Planner, and of course the related searches offered by Google; in regards to this last tool, simply write your keyword in the search field, and even before you click Enter you’ll notice all the suggestions provided by the most important search engine!

It may seem a trivial solution, but I can guarantee that the results are very interesting and could represent your starting point: by taking advantage of them your video will get the right amount of visibility.

But don’t stop here! Keep it in mind that you don’t have to set limits to yourself, and if there are other tools that can be useful, you have to make the most of them.

A successful video must also follow a specific trend

Another element often forgotten: we noticed that many Youtubers nowadays waste more time copying each other rather than creating innovative, original content, which should of course follow a specific momentary trend.

This means having clear ideas, predict potential competition and trying to break through where few people are trying: this doesn’t mean being crazy visionaries, but to see things in the long term, bearing in mind that we can make results; as for the choice of genre, we recommend making a list of keywords to be included in the description of the video using another important tool, Google Trends!

You can find it by typing it on Google and it will tell you if a specific keyword has actually been searched by users: you’ll be able to analyze a very accurate chart, as well as add or delete the keywords you’ve found so far.

It’s never easy to obtain the visibility our video deserves, especially with YouTube you'll have to be smart, create a winning strategy and work hard on both specific and generic tags!

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