Twitter targeting: The custom tailored audiences have arrived.

Twitter targeting: The custom tailored audiences have arrived.

Among the most popular social networks, especially from companies and businesses of all sizes, Twitter seems to have always focused on advertising opportunities. Since 2014, in fact, Twitter has introduced new tools to improve the quality and extent of advertising by introducing a number of new highly praised by social media marketers: analytics, first and foremost, and the possibility of targeting, they have approached the social network of Twitter to the holy monster, Facebook.

In particular, very interesting it is the targeting capabilities of custom audience segments, in building its audience specifically by proposing effective and engaging campaigns. Recently, Twitter has alerted its users to an update that it has made some new features, even from the point of view of targeting.

It is in fact possible to see the interests that the platform automatically associates with the user account, according to the user’s followers and to the proposed tweets.

Twitter targeting: how to select the audience?

Those who already have a bit of familiarity with Facebook will probably find Twitter very similar and intuitive. Targeting can be organized:

• By state, region, country, CAP (also multiple zones at the same time);

• By the sex of users that Twitter individually finds, based on the shared content, the name of the profiles and the information provided;

• By language, by providing certain content in the original language only to those who speak the selected ones;

• For devices used to navigate, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, or desktop computers. You can also select users using iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry;

• For mobile phone operator.

By setting the various parameters, Twitter informs us, before launching the campaign, of the extent of the audience we are going to define.

An extremely interesting feature of Twitter targeting is the Add Keywords option that will allow the brand or business to reach a given slice of audience if you use certain keywords to search or interact with related tweets.

You can set your targeting based on a particular @name user, according to which Twitter will propose your ad to users with interests similar to the profile shown.

The interests of the target when creating a campaign on Twitter

You can manage your Twitter targeting by adding interests, behaviors, and leveraging the public's interest in a particular event (concert, sport event, movie, etc.).

• Interests Targeting:

  You will be able to choose between the interests proposed by Twitter on the page about creating a campaign.

• Behaviors Targeting: The target audience how it behaves on the internet?

  By scrolling through the list proposed by Twitter, you will be able to choose the slice of the audience that will see the ad if it's suitable.

• Event Targeting: Sports enthusiasts or sports events are they the perfect public for your business? Twitter provides a list of events to be consulted or from which to search for your interest in setting the targeting.

Targeting exactly on Twitter: the tailor audiences

Twitter, just like Facebook, provides the opportunity to create a kind of tailor-made audience, thanks to the implementation of tailor audiences. In particular, it will be possible to: 

• Create your own audience between a list of contacts, including advertisements on the smartphone;

• Create your own audience based on users who visit a site or a landing page. However, you will need to make a small change by using a snippet of code to embed on the site that will trigger when the user interacts on Twitter with the proposed content.

• Create your own audience based on users who take advantage of the proprietary application of your business or company. So from user registrations will be created automatically tailored audiences.

The purpose of targeting is, of course, to maximize the engagement, get more followers, more interactions and increase the authority of your brand.

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