Instagram and their influencer marketer

Instagram and their influencer marketer

With the steady increase in popularity that social networks enjoy, influencer marketing in Instagram became one of the most effective tools for any advertiser. Consumers now seek more like minded consumers and their favorite personalities of Instagram to make decisions about their purchases. They are strongly influenced by posts on social networks and their comments, especially in Instagram. This opens up new channels for companies to effectively promote their brand through influential people or as they are called in technical jargon, influencer marketer.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the process of marketing products, brands or services through famous people that can influence in the purchases made by their followers. An influencer marketer can be anyone with the ability to get consumers to decide for one product over another.

How it can positively affect the influence marketing in business?

This type of marketing is rapidly shifting the emphasis from traditional advertising, a survey produced by Variety has revealed that teenagers are more influenced by the top YouTubers than from other traditional celebrities. In fact, their emotional connection with the stars of YouTube is 7 times higher than with traditional celebrities.

Moreover, according to the video documentary "The social media revolution" the content generated by users is 25% of the research of the 20 most important brands. This means that the more people talk about your brand on social media the more seek it.

A study reveals that compared to paid advertising, advertising word of mouth among consumers has an efficiency of 37% higher. Since the influencer marketing is a form of word of mouth advertising, it helps companies get and keep new customers.

To get an idea of what we are talking about just think of the many examples of successful advertising campaigns related to influencer marketing: The fashion label Lord & Taylor contracted 50 Instagrammers to promote its new collection. Each of these influencers published photographs of them wearing the same dress. This model was released the following weekend. At another brand Madewell, it was enough to contact 5 influencers to reach an audience of more than 1 million customers during the campaign designed to promote the anniversary of its most famous bag.

How to use the influence marketing

Basically, tying your product to an Instagram influencer marketer is a great way to ensure that people talk about your brand. As one of the most popular channels of social media, Instagram has become a very effective platform for brands that sell themselves through influencer marketers. Instagram recently exceeded 400 million active users, which makes it even better than Twitter.

68% of Instagrammers aged between 13 and 24 years constantly interact with brands using the platform. It can be anything, from seeing photos and giving it a like or following their account. This form of marketing is ideal for reaching the correct audience but you have to follow some steps in order to draw the most profit and produce a successful campaign.

  •       Define your niche- this is the first step to a successful campaign, what is your brand? What kind of audience you want to reach? Defining your niche market will help you choose the correct influencer marketers for your brand.

  •       Define your goals- Whether you plan to extend your customer base or promote a new product, you need to define your goals. Maintaining documentation will help you find the correct marketers and influencers and better measure the success of your campaign.

  •       Identify the top influencer marketers- Search influencers that matter already to fans of your brand and speak about your campaign, so the partnership will be more authentic and will be easier to create a relationship with these influencer marketers because they promote your brand.

  •       Analyze the details of the contacts- Once the influencer marketers with whom you would like to work are identified, the next step is to analyze the contact information. Check on their Instagram bio to see if they already include it, and in the negative case you can still send a direct message to ask for it.

  •       Create a report- Before talking to the influencer marketer about a partnership, it is important to build a good relationship with them. Make them understand that you are a real person, and demonstrate a genuine interest in them. Take your time to follow them, leave comments and give them a "regram" of their posts. After connecting with your influencers, begin to give signals that you would love to work with them.

Following these tips is the key to being able to attach the right connections with the right influencers and marketers and to take full advantage of a campaign based on Instagram.

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