Create effective hashtags for marketing actions

Create effective hashtags for marketing actions

Eight years have passed already since the first hashtag in which the #sandiegofire story broke on our phones. At the time, an unknown form of sharing but which today is used regularly by millions of users in various social channels. Its invention was made by Chris Messina, a guru in the social world, the one who has created the fastest, most organized and immediate way to share content on social media.

Besides being useful for highlighting important words in our social networks posts, hashtags are very important to create a very powerful digital marketing campaign.

What's a hashtag?

Hashtags are used in social networks and help us to identify keywords and classify messages. The hashtag was used for the first time in Twitter, but with the passage of time it has been adopted by other social networks like Pinterest and Facebook.

Clicking on a hashtag you can view more messages (tweets, posts or pins) that include the same hashtag, in this way a user can see other posts that include that keyword.

Hashtag and successful marketing campaigns

You can create your own hashtag for your specific campaigns as the big brands do. Who said that small and medium-sized business can not do what the great do? It's just a matter of creativity.

For example, Starbucks, a genial company in the use of social networks, launched the hashtag #myFrappuccino in various social networks. The campaign began with an email to their customers inviting them to enjoy the return of the "Frappuccino Happy Hour", and to take part in the competition to celebrate it. The followers had to send fun and creative photos and the brand rewarded them with 10 pounds for the best pictures every day. The campaign lasted 10 days and was a global success for brand promotion.

How to use a hashtag to create successful advertising campaigns?

Since a hashtag helps group posts around the same theme, you can create a unique hashtag for a marketing campaign of your business that you want to spread. It is very important that this hashtag is shared by many people and goes viral so that it has a positive effect in your campaign. In defining a hashtag, therefore, it is very important to follow certain guidelines in order to amplify its effectiveness; here are some tips to follow to avoid mistakes:

  1.        Use short, preferably an abbreviation or acronym

For example the television program Italian’s Got Talent uses an acronym in the #IGT hashtag, all the words would produce a hashtag too long and difficult to remember .

  1.        Do not use a generic word

If you are using generic words like "technology", your campaign will be lost among many messages and publications unrelated to your campaign that has that hashtag.

  1.        Use words that your audience wants to share

Your users do not always want to share a hashtag that contains your brand, they may see it as a very commercial, very marketing. For example, "the natural effervescent" is automatically matched to Ferrarelle, the idea is to create a similar concept that relates to your brand and / or campaign.

  1.        Terms related to your campaign.

The most important thing is that the words or word you choose has a direct relationship with your marketing campaign.

Now to put it into action!

After defining the hashtag it is necessary that you use it in social networks to spread it. Use it every time you post a new service or product or every time you make a comment.

Remember that you can use hashtags in Twitter, in posts on Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest. In addition, in the design of the picture of the cover of your fan page on Facebook, you can include the hashtag in your campaign so that all your followers see it and increase the chances that they too use.

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