New to Facebook for 2017

New to Facebook for 2017

For 2017, Facebook has no plans to abandon the throne of social networks and therefore ensures that the year just begun will bring some interesting news to interconnect its 1.3 billion users around the world. These include features such as the ability to locate friends in real time, the power to include GIF in the comments and the ability to be able to use Facebook Messenger in the absence of connection. All promises made by Zuckerberg to its users and we hope to see done in the year 2017. For the time being let's analyze two innovations that are already a reality in many of our devices, we are talking about the possibility of giving color to the post and Live Audio podcast system.

The Facebook post will have a colored background

The first change in prominence and that promises to change the face to our message boards, now accustomed to the classic combination of Facebook's white and blue colors, it's a chance to give color to the background of our publications. Facebook has added a new enhancement designed to allow users greater customization of their messages. So, from now you will be able to publish new posts by adding a colored background to text messages.

This new feature, which does improve the attractiveness of text posts generated by users, Mark Zuckerberg breaks with the graphic identity that until now has characterized its network, where the blue was definitely the predominant color.

This new feature will become effective immediately on devices that use the Android system, while users of iOS, as well as those of the desktop version, will have to wait a few months to take advantage of the new capabilities.

How does it work? Users type a message and after they click on the status bar, where they would choose between the colors available. It will apply the text in color and will disappear when the post includes links, images, or video.

Facebook Live Audio, audio broadcasts Arrive

In its relentless quest for all forms of entertainment media, Facebook wants to conquer the podcasts. To do this it uses a new feature of its app for phones and tablets: Live Audio. The same way that Facebook Live or the latest Facebook 360, with Live Audio will have the possibility of transmitting only audio while you get your audience feedback in real time.

What Facebook is attempting is quite clear: to become a content provider offering transmitting video to audio programs. With Facebook Live Audio it points directly to the podcast segment, offering a tool with which each of its users can access this type of program in real-time.

With Facebook Live Audio you will be able to transmit all that you'd like to share with your contacts. In the same way that with video broadcasts, you receive feedback from the public in real time so you can answer questions with enhancement in the form of Thumbs. Your contacts will receive an alert on their board when you start a new audio transmission. There will be a search tool for Live Audio podcasts and, once concluded, will be saved on your profile giving you the opportunity to share them just like any other content.

The ability to transmit through Facebook Live Audio is, at least for the moment, limited to a few famous profiles such as BBC World Service, LBC, Harper Collins and authors Adam Grant and Brit Bennett, but during the year will be offered in progression to other users.This concerns the right to record while all will be immediately enabled to listening. It only remains to wait for the first transmissions and see what this exciting new Facebook function has to offer.

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